31 October 2014

Howdy Halloween

Yee Haw! There's a cute new sheriff in town. Our little cowboy rode in to our battalion trunk or treat last night, but we had to giddy-up on home after only 15 minutes because it was 24 degrees outside! Don't worry, he was layered and wore mittens.

Now, we aren't the type to spend lots of $$ on a baby outfit that is only worn for a day. And I'm sure my DIY bug will kick in hard when Eli is older. But this year, we had no real plans for his costume….Until I remembered something in one of our hand-me-down tubs! And Aunt Kari had given Eli these rootin-tootin' boots. So, I went out a couple of days ago and somehow found this perfect hat! I mean, it was pink, but nothing a little spray paint couldn't handle. Hubs even sacrificed a shoestring for a secure fit. And this costume is obviously not complete without a stand-alone stache. Best $7 get-up in the west!

I also found a funny saddle suit for Jessie for $2 to match. But, the package lied, and it was way too big for Eli's trusty steed.

The original plan was for Eli to be a tiny football player because he already had a jersey. I found this $3 referee shirt for Jessie at Target weeks ago, and Hubs has a whistle. So, since this pair wasn't equipped for the below freezing weather, this is what they wore to hand out candy on halloween night.

Also, just in case you think these two are perfect little models all the time, below is a much better representation of our photo shoots. I sort through quite a bit of these (below) to get any of those (above) haha! 

Happy Halloween!

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