25 February 2015

Nine Months Old

Eli was nine months old last week!

Not too much news. No new teeth this month. He hasn't really come up with many new tricks, just perfecting his most recent developments. He is starting to get brave by letting go and standing up unassisted all by himself! He is a pro at crawling and pulling up and saying dada. He thinks Jessie is just hilarious. He's quite a showman and loves a good thrill. 

We had his nine month appointment. Hubs got to go, and Eli got a break from shots (hallelujah). He's in a stage of screaming everytime I leave the room. I knew this is normal, but Hubs apparently didn't so he asked the doctor (halfway joking) if it meant that Eli thought I was never coming back. The dr replied with a simple, serious, "yes." Eli didn't grow much the past tow months. I think I'm the only momma who isn't wishing my baby would stop growing. My milk supply has decreased enough to start supplementing with formula. Between that and solid foods, we are back on track. The doc said everything else is perfect and had no concerns- just gave us a different feeding schedule and said he'd see us at the regularly-scheduled 12 month appointment. Eli is much happier and sleeps so much better (hallelujah is an understatement).

Anyways, Eli is older yet again. We expect him to experience quite the growth spurt in the next months due to the increase in and content of his food consumption. We also expect him to get significantly more mobile and vocal. It is so fun to see his new developments everyday. We love you little man!