29 November 2014

Six Months Old

Eli was six months old last week!

I'm nine days behind posting Eli's six month pictures! I promise I didn't forget about you. I've been busy. Not in the way "I'm super important and scheduled and insensitive" kind of way, but more in the "I can't remember to eat or shower or what day it is" kind of way. With pre-deployment, school, visitors, holidays, and everyday things with a teething, active baby boy, some things just get pushed back. Because any free moment is for naps. Momma's naps.

Eli is doing big boy things. Just hours after I posted the 5 Month post, he sat up by himself. On top of his two teeth, Eli has more hair, had his first snow, and starting trying food! His favorites so far are apples, pears, bananas, asparagus, spaghetti squash, and fish. Needless to say, this bouncing buddy is bigger. His appointment last week said he was over fifteen pounds and had grown about an inch. He is not quite out of 3 month clothes and is finally starting to wear some 6 months! He is a pro at sitting up by himself and grabbing his toys. He is starting to try to scoot and rock forward, but mainly his version of transporting is a controlled face plant. He cannot go from on his tummy or back to sitting up yet, and he isn't on his hands and knees yet. Thank goodness! I need a little extra time before this energetic guy gets moving. Eli needs his naps. If naps are skipped, Eli gets rude. He still only has two teeth, but we are hoping that more teeth on the way is the reason for his being a grumpy, drooly biter lately. He mostly wants to be held and is quite the attention hog. He might have a little temperamental, stubborn streak in him. He locks out and bucks back and has added some grunts and groans to his vocabulary. He hates being constrained in his car seat. But when he cheeses with those two bottom pearly whites or gives us his rare, beautiful giggles, we melt. This baby boy has our hearts, but he is going to be a handful! He is pretty amazing, and we love nothing more than watching him learn and grow everyday. 

We finally got our first real snow of the season today, so we can't wait to get Eli out on a sled! I think scooting around and pulling up are going to be some of Eli's next activities, and I've already started some baby-proofing. This holiday season is so special for our little family. Can't wait for our first Christmas together!

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