02 November 2015

Bennett Two Months

Bennett is active already. The way he holds up his head to look right at me and jerks around to get a better look or sit up higher reminds me so much of Eli. We make strong babies I guess. It took Bennett all of one and a half months to be in three month clothes and size two diapers. Bennett is holding his head up and focuses really well. He likes to stare and is starting to break out with the biggest grins! He has lost some hair and is getting awfully chubby. He loves bath time. He doesn't mind tummy time, but he doesn't get to do it very often unless Eli is asleep or at daycare. Because Eli is a little over-zealous when Bennett gets put down, we have the swing and pack n play set up for him to take naps throughout the day.

Bennett is a decent little sleeper. Eli was sleeping through the night by 2 months, but Bennett likes to get some nighttime snacks. He has gone as long as 4-5 hours at a time, but it's more like 2-3 hours usually. We are still figuring out bed time since both boys like to snuggle with mama...alone. And the one left out cries, (naturally) keeping the other brother awake. It is also the time Dad likes to call, which is exciting enough to jolt a sleeping baby from the deepest sleep and causing bed time process to start all over again. It is quite a tight-rope walk. A very long, drawn-out, exhausting tight-rope walk. But we are getting into a good routine now and we are all usually in our own beds by 9:30. Granted, we start the process 2 hours earlier, but it works for now until dad gets home to help!

Big Brother is super proud. He is still learning to be gentle but is so loving. He lights up when he sees him. He wants to love him (that's what we say when we give hugs) and kiss him. He also has started wanting to sit on him. He just can't get close enough ha! Eli stops whatever he's doing, says "uh-oh! brother!", and runs to him when Bennett is crying. He tries to help him stop by forcing a pacifier in his face or wiping his face with a burp cloth. He loves to help burp him after he eats. And he only gets mad that I'm holding Bennett when he's really tired.

Bennett's 2 month Dr appointment went very well. He weighs 14lbs 4oz (93%) and is 24 in (83%) long. He got his first round of immunizations. He cried, of course, but not for long!

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