20 October 2014

5 Months Old

Eli is five months old today!

No doctor appointment this month. But our little guy is still…little. He is the same size he has been for a couple of months now, wearing the big 0-3 month clothes and the small 3-6 month clothes. But he moved up a size in diapers, so I'm pretty sure he is in a spurt of growing longer. I'm just hoping he learns how to sit up by himself before growing completely out of his baby bathtub. That might be a tall order though, because he is a little top heavy. He hasn't gotten much fatter, but his head keeps getting bigger. He is also growing more hair and has grown two teeth! It has been hard work, and he has had some major grumpster moments this month. But overall, he is a happy baby. We still offer a pacifier when he's really tired or grumpy. He'll gnaw on it a little, but usually doesn't want it, so I bought a few new teething toys that he likes better. When he's sleepy, he sucks his thumb. This month, he's mostly chewed on his hands and fingers. The amount of drool a teething baby produces is unbelievable. His giggles are still selective but more frequent. Most of the time they are at his dad. He thinks Hubs is hilarious! Jessie got him to giggle the other day too. It was so sweet. I'm thinking they are gonna be best buds. Eli is still talking and squealing about the same amount. His hand-eye coordination has developed quite a bit in the past month. He is able to reach out, pull objects towards him, and can get them in and out of his mouth easily if they are the right shape. He reaches for me when his dad is holding him and reaches for dad when I'm holding him. He likes to get ahold of those feet. He swings his arms and kicks his legs so hard when he gets excited. Eli isn't crawling yet but has the rolling thing down and is starting to scoot some. He always ends up in this one corner of the crib. Even though I lay him down on his back every time, he flips to his front almost immediately. He is starting to sleep a little bit better. He is still up at least once a night, sometimes more. He is so alert that he gets distracted during daytime meals and has to make up for it at night. But he is falling asleep easily, and I have finally found the formula for nap time, thank the LORD! I am still one tired momma, but it seems the four-month regression is starting to slow...maybe. I am loving this super cute age and watching Eli learn new stuff everyday!

I couldn't decide…some here's a couple more of this cutie:

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