22 April 2015

Boy, Oh, Boy!

It's  A(nother)  Boy!

We are so excited that Eli is having a baby brother! These two little buddies will be about 15 1/2 months apart if he decides to join us close to the due date on 9/9.

20 April 2015

Eleven Months Old

Eli is eleven months today!

{ The pictures are my favorite part. But this month, it just didn't happen. The important stuff did though, so I'll have to be okay with it I guess! I wrote this on time, so it's better than no post at all! So, Self, if you are ever tempted to regret this no-11-month-picture thing, just remember that you, Eli, and his baby bro on-the-way are making it through quite a storm together. Eli thrived this month- he needed for nothing and belly laughed at least once a day! }

Eli took his first steps! I knew he was kind of feeling out his weight on both legs while standing up all by himself. I was trying to just get a video of him standing up for Hubs, but he started coming at me! I can't believe I got his first steps on video. He only walks when I'm in the floor, and I start him out just a few feet from me. He's tried to take steps to Jessie a couple of times, but crawling is just so much faster!  He is definitely a pro with his toys that let him hold on and walk around though. In other news, Eli is sprouting two new teeth on each side of his bottom two. 

Eli started daycare at JBER's child development center (CDC) this month. Every sweet caretaker that has watched him has commented on how active he is. Apparently he moves way more than any of the other babies his age. He's crawling and climbing and constantly into everything. We had a hard time getting started with consistent daycare hours due to registration setbacks at first and then because Eli was sick for three weeks. He had a cold that went to both of his eyes, and we are both still trying to fight off this bug. 

Eli is growing quickly and is mostly in 9 month clothes. We went to a doctor appt for his cold, and he had gained 2 lbs and 2 inches in a month and a half. That was two weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure he's grown a good bit since then. I think it's safe to say our boy is no longer underfed. He loves to dance. When the rhythm really gets him going, he bounces and shrieks and shakes his head back and forth. Eli is mostly sleeping through the night, although he is sleeping with me a lot these days. With taking care of a sick baby, growing another one in my belly, taking two eight-week college classes, all our household stuff, and doing it all solo, I'm choosing not to pick the bedtime battle right now. He easily lays down quietly with me, as opposed to screaming himself wide awake in the crib. I don't love this situation, but we will have enough interruptions in daily life and sleep schedules over the next months that I know we can transition back another time.

When Eli was born, I didn't immediately have those lovey-dovey feelings like I was told I would. Instead, I immediately had mama-bear feelings: I felt super territorial and protective of this little stranger. But in the middle of all the fits and fussing and cleaning and crying, Eli has grown into this totally cool tiny person and I'm completely in love with him. And I can't believe that in one month, he will have been our baby for one whole year! Love you bud!