04 October 2014

Aunt Kari Comes to Town! (9/26-28)

Eli's Aunt Kari was here! Her visit was too short, but we crammed quite a bit of Alaskan Adventure into those three days. She arrived super early Friday morning, and we woke Eli up so he could finally meet her in person. He loved her so much from the start. Hubs had to work on Friday so we just relaxed around the house all day. We had blueberry muffin egg sandwiches and strolled down to Starbucks for a bit until Hubs got home. That night, Hubs took us all to dinner at Snow Goose downtown.

Saturday we woke up and drove down to the Wildlife Conservation Center. Our tour with Dwayne was a major highlight. He knew all about the animals' names, how they got to the conservation center, and where they will go next. He told us all about the bears, who happened to be out and at the fence by chance that day. We were super lucky to get such a great view of them! Dwayne also informed us of the one-winged celebrity eagle residing at the center- you might know him from "Into the Wild". Dwayne schooled us with his knowledge of bore tides before letting us out to explore some wildlife! We left for dinner at Moose's Tooth and ice cream at Marble Slab before snatching up a few trinkets at the PX.
For Sunday, we booked a 26-Glacier Cruise! We headed south again and travelled through the longest tunnel in North America into Whittier, AK. We boarded the Klondike Express, the largest, fastest catamaran in AK, and spent five hours at sea viewing glaciers and wildlife and people-watching on our tourist excursion. Fish and chips lunch was included, as well as a freshly-baked warm cookie for a mid-cruise snack. We even got to freshen our drinks with fresh glacier ice!
That night, we drove to Chepo's before heading home for Kari to pack. We played a few rounds of heads-up before we said good-bye for now. I put Eli to bed as Hubs drove Kari to the airport. We loved having her and can't wait to hang again!

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