07 October 2014

doTERRA Essential Oils

I've been interested in learning more about essential oils for months. Several friends and acquaintances have shared their experience with the oils, and I have been particularly drawn to stories of using essential oils instead of over-the-counter medicine, especially in regards to the positive effects on babies! I have the privilege of living down the street from an incredibly generous friend, Katie, who has an arsenal of oils. She has provided me with samples for several separate problems or ailments, and I now have firsthand experience with the effectiveness of essential oils. Just wanted to share!

{ Before I go any further, I need to caution anyone planning to use oils that each oil has it's own rules of use. For example, some oils are very effectively if used topically, while others are "hot" or should be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Please make sure you have credible, accurate information on appropriate usage before applying oil, especially when using with babies and children. One rule of thumb to keep in mind when using oils is that just a little drop can go a long way! }
My first time using oils was when I was 6 months pregnant and preparing to fly to Nashville for my baby shower. I came down with a sinus cold the day before my flight and couldn't get in with my doctor. My biggest concern was the take off and landings on my way to TN. Katie gave me a sample of Breathe, a respiratory blend. I applied it topically to my sinus areas, and the effect was immediate. It opened me up and relieved any pain from the pressure. I also woke up one night and decided to use Vick's VaporRub instead of Breathe. It was super disappointing how poorly it worked compared to the oil blend! It is one I will always have on hand. Not only is it effective topically, but it also works well diffused aromatically. That's great news for breastfeeding mommas who should not use peppermint on the chest area because it can inhibit milk production. I can also dilute it in coconut oil, apply to Eli's feet, and cover with socks when he has a tiny baby cold. 

Lavender is a must-have oil for any family with a new baby, and I got a big ole bottle at our Alaska baby shower. I haven't had to use it on Eli because he has been such an amazing sleeper…until recently. We are in the four-month-regression phase for sure. He slept 8-10 hours though the night pretty consistently from a month old to three months. These days, he's waking up 2-3 times a night. The nights that I diffuse Lavender, he sleeps more deeply and for much longer. I love using it topically on my chest as Eli nurses, or on his diluted in coconut oil. It is calming and comforting for us both!
More recently, oils have worked wonders for me personally. A couple of months ago, I had two sebaceous cysts develop under each of my arms. I noticed it was a little sore in the shower and, within a week, went to my doctor because they had grown into red, golf-ball sized cysts. Two days later, I went to the hospital for a procedure to cut, drain, and pack both spots. With a squirmy 2-3 month old to nurse and a trip to the ER when the dressing became undone over the weekend, it was a long, painful two-week recovery. Hubs helped us keep a little humor about the whole thing with this sympathetic gesture: He gave Eli matching bandages haha!
Well, a few weeks ago, another cyst had started to develop. I was so frustrated, and we had begun talking about having to go through the same process again. We aren't exactly sure what causes them but are pretty sure it's a combination of hormone changes and stress. The doctor had said that once I got them, they could occasionally reoccur. I was so frustrated. I googled about the cysts and possible oils and called my friend, hoping she had some in her pantry. I applied Oregano directly on the cyst twice a day for two days...and it was gone! I also now have Patchouli on my wish list to replace using store-bought deodorant, which has proved to be another irritant for these cysts, even though the kind I was using was aluminum-free. 
I had also mentioned feeling really down to my EO friend, so she gathered samples of Elevation, a mood-enhacing blend, and Clary Calm, a hormone-balancing blend. She said both were associated with helping with postpartum blues. Within three days, Hubs mentioned that he could see a significant change in me-- and Hubs doesn't mention much. I used both topically, Elevation in the morning and Clary Calm at night.

Needless to say, I am a fan of essential oils. I'm looking forward to learning more and gradually replacing our medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, and some toiletries!

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