19 October 2014

Matanuska Glacier

Yesterday, we loaded up and drove north. Walking on this glacier has been on our to-do list for months. Our first glimpse of this majestic ice lake was over one year ago on the last leg of our road-trip-move from Tok to Anchorage, and we learned it was accessible in shoes this summer. So, I've been checking the weather for the last few weekends, and we finally got a decently clear day before ice hit the roads. Hubs has wanted to go so badly, he opted out of watching the Bama vs Texas A&M game to go. The drive up through Palmer and into the mountains took us a little over an hour each way and is an adventure in itself. Jessie got sick on the bumpy dirt road off the main highway that offers the glacier access, but she rallied and had a blast exploring. A run-down gift shop manages the gate to the parking lot that overlooks the glacier. We trekked down through a bunch of wet sludge to a couple of picnic tables signifying that we were officially walking on a glacier. So cool…pun intended! 

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