27 June 2014

Eli's Baby Pictures

You guys. I found such a great photographer in Anchorage! We had these pictures made on Father's Day, June 15th, so Eli was not quite a month old. Ashton came to our home to do a Lifestyle Session, and I just love how these turned out. I can't wait to book an outdoor session this fall or winter when he's a little older! Ashton let us choose our favorites for her to edit and burn to a disk. I can't wait to get back with her to order some of these prints to hang in our home!

Ashton Renée Photography


24 June 2014

Grandhops, Millee, and KeKe

Eli had his first family visit! My dad, mom, and sister all made the long journey to Alaska to meet the little guy and had a few sightseeing adventures while they were here.

Week One: Grandhops & Millee ( 5/28 - 6/3 )

Grandhops and Millee arrived very early morning. The next day was mostly Eli time. But they asked if I had missed anything during pregnancy, so I got to pick dinner. Dad and Hubs did a commissary run and picked up some long-awaited Sushi! The first days we had bad weather, so we mostly relaxed at home. But one day when it wasn't raining, Hubs took us all up to Arctic Valley and Eli went on his first hike. Don't worry, I use the term "hike" very loosely. I was definitely sore afterwards, but it felt great to get out- especially since the sun came out to shine on the last half of our outing.
On the way home, we saw a black bear! It was my first bear sighting and Hubs' second. Again, don't worry. We were in the car, and this picture is zoomed in. It was incredible to get to watch this fancy creature we've only seen on TV. We could hear cubs scampering around back in those woods as this momma was having a snack in the grass.
Another clear day, we took Grandhops and Millee to Beluga Point. They spent some time exploring the small look-out, while Eli and I watched from the car. I got out though, when this precious old man was wondering around to each group of people there to point out something with his binoculars. Beluga Point is just a small viewing area off Seward Highway. Seward Highway runs parallel with the Alaskan rail in between the Chugach Mountains and the Sea at Turnagain Arm. So, basically, you look one way at the water and then can turn 180 degrees to look at the mountains. The sweet man was showing everyone he could some dall sheep scaling the rocky mountain side.
We had dinner one night at Snow Goose. It was the first time Eli and I got out of our PJ's. I was so excited to finally have the King Crab legs. They were pretty good, but definitely not worth it the terrible tummy ache I got that night.
Andrew went back to work after his ten days of paternity leave, but was still one heck of a husband and host. He took us to the scenic Eagle River Nature Center and dinner after a full day. He even found a short-cut to the view so I wouldn't have to walk so far this time!

Week Two: Millee & Keke ( 6/4 - 6/11 )

Dad left early Tuesday morning, and Kelcee arrived after dinner Wednesday night. Poor Millee had to endure an extremely long day at the hospital for both Eli's and my two-week doctor's appointments on Wednesday. It was pretty miserable. Thursday, we found out that my family had been exposed to whooping cough the week before. Millee and Keeks spent part of the day at a clinic making sure they were taking every precaution to know Eli wouldn't be affected because he won't be vaccinated until he's two months old. I had the shot during pregnancy and am breastfeeding, so he's well protected. The doctors I've spoken to use both these factors as reasons to not worry. Even though Andrew left to go to the field, the rest of the week (and the weather) did get better!

{ Most of these pictures are courtesy of Keke. }
Keeks made Eli these amazing onesies! The Nashville skyline is pictured above and the other is a motorcycle.
Hubs took Millee and Keke back to Eagle River Nature Trail for a hike. Eli and I sat this one out and took a much-needed nap! Jessie took our place. She didn't go with us when Grandhops was here and was pumped to finally be included!
We went to the zoo on Saturday. It was small but has some pretty amazing animals. Unfortunately, it was the only place Keeks got to see any. Black bears, brown bears, polar bears, snow leopard, bald eagles, moose, caribou, reindeer, lynx, and much more.
Hubs took Millee and Keeks up to Arctic Valley on Sunday before he left for the field on Monday. The view is amazing- you can see all of Anchorage and JBER. A short drive up from the view is the hike. The zoo was a much harder outing for me than I expected, so Eli and I stayed back again.
Monday was a fun girl's day out. We had Mexican food at Chepo's in Eagle River and did some shopping at Old Navy and Target. Here's the loot. Jessie had to jump in the picture to make sure she wasn't left out.
Keke took Millee to the airport early Wednesday morning, so it was seester day! 
I loved getting to catch up with Kelc until we took her to the airport that night. It was a cloudy day, but I took her to Beluga Point before we had lunch at the popular Moose's Tooth pizzeria.

Eli is getting ready for our next visitors soon. 

Mimi and Hubs' uncle Johnny and aunt Edna will be here early to mid-July!