13 October 2014

South Fork & McHugh Trail

We went on a couple of great hikes a last month before Kari came to visit. Just wanted to share some pictures. 

South Fork (9/6)
Our hike at South Fork was on the first chill of the season, the first weekend in September. We originally had anniversary plans to stay at Alyeska Resort, hike and ride the tram, but due to poor weather forecast, we cancelled. We decided we would rather sleep in our own bed for free if we couldn't enjoy the hotel grounds. So instead of driving south, we headed north. Hubs had hiked one of the summits of South Fork with his dad and wanted to bring me here anyways. The thick fog and clouds cleared up a bit later in the day, and it ended up being a gorgeous hike. Hubs even carried our little guy! He's not super heavy, but the extra weight does make a difference over several miles. My only regret is not being quick enough to snap a pic of a rugged traveller with his alpacas.

McHugh Trail (9/20)
McHugh Trail offered one of the best views yet. We had also come here with Mike but had hiked a different route that day. We took the Rainbow Trail this time. It travelled out of the trees and parallel to the Seward Highway with amazing views of the Turnagain Arm. Some parts were pretty rocky and narrow. Jessie has some serious billy goat skills. Not gonna lie, I got a little freaked out at one point. But I trusted Hubs, and the views were absolutely worth it. We took our time, and Eli made a pit stop on the side of the mountain before we headed back down the trail. The perfect cool weather and warm colors are just one of many reasons why fall is my favorite! 

I loved looking back on these hikes because this whole weekend has been gray, dreary, wet, and cold! Winter is definitely hanging over our heads, waiting to descend on us for the next 5-6 months. She's already kissed the mountain tops, and those white blankets are falling longer and lower! Autumn in Alaska is short, but, man, is it beautiful.

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