06 August 2013

Introducing The Plan...aka Never Say Never

"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9

When others have asked us if we are driving or flying the trip to Alaska, we've scoffed at them. "Haha...duh. Definitely flying. There's no way we're driving that trip."

We're driving that trip.

Here's what happened. 

At the time of Andrew's graduation, we had received paper orders for a report date of August 10th. Since that was less than 30 days away, we were given an addendum to orders that pushed his report date back to September 10th. About a week ago or so, while Hubs and I were walking on the beach, he brought it up. "Just hear me out. What if we drove?"

We kept mulling over pros and cons trying to decide how to get ourselves up to our new life. At first it seemed simple, just a trip home to Nashville and back, then hop on a plane. As usual with the army, it became quite a bit more complicated than that. The more we talked with offices on base and and the details of cost and itinerary, the more we considered our time spent and season of life, the more we prayed and discussed, the more our decision became clear.

Our first priority is prayer. What's best for our marriage and the time spent with each other? Draw. Did we want more down time on one of the most beautiful beaches in America where we feel so at home or an adventure of a lifetime across the U.S., up into Canada, over the river, through the woods, to our new duty station we go? That was a toughie. We always consider the quality of time with family and ability to invest in our relationships. Either way, we would be able to spend about the same amount of time with our loved ones in Nashville. Having seen them over the weekend of Hubs' graduation and knowing some up-coming dates, we weighed both possible itineraries. A few incentives played out for the drive. After that, all the details of Hubs' leave (army talk for vacation time allowed), the government move, and reimbursement allotment continued to sway us toward a road trip.

While there might come another opportunity to make this trip when we leave Alaska, there may not. Right now we have the time, will have expenses covered, we don't have kids, and are relatively young. (This does not concern you, Kelc.) It is an amazing opportunity to let God take us on a tour of such a beautiful part of His creation. We almost have to do it! Plus, I asked Andrew, "Don't think, just answer. Fly or drive?" We both knew the answer.

Last Wednesday, we left the TMO appointment (army talk for the government office that arranges the details of our move) assured of move dates and booked part of our travel ensuring the next month and a half to be quite the ride. 

We have two weeks left to soak up the sun, then mid-August begins our month-long journey. A weekend in New Orleans, six days in Nashville, Louisville to St. Louis, a day in Denver, Salt Lake to Seattle, leading us to our purchased Alaskan Ferry Adventure. It will take us through the inside passage: a quick ferry change in Ketchikan, a two-day journey in Juneau, disembarking in Haines, AK on our 3rd anniversary to drive through Canada's Yukon Territory en route to Anchorage. Complete with chiweenie in tow. 

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