31 August 2013

Day 13

Day at Sea in the Pacific

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Psalm 24:1-2

Woke up to fog and a swaying ship.

View from our Room

Jessie has not used the bathroom since Seattle. You read that right. 

She seems happy though and was beside herself when all the puppies come out play on the morning car deck call. Hubs, being the surprisingly over-protective pet-owner that he is, was not as thrilled. Jessie gave him a few "Aww dad. Can't I go out and play?" faces.

We ate in the room and grabbed coffee in the snack bar before sitting in the front deck of the ship to watch her sail. We got so few glimpses through the fog that we decided to spend the rest of our morning watching a movie.

The fog lifted to reveal a consistent roll of hills sitting on the water. The sea was calm and the ride was smooth.

WE SAW WHALES! More like spots of shiny black slicing through the water. But still. We saw the spray from the blowholes and the slow curve of their backs breaching the air. We finally saw a tail fin.

We are definitely within the youngest demographic on the Alaskan Marine Highway. Seasoned couples sit with each other, some playing cards, some on iPads probably given to them by their adult children, some sleeping, some just sitting. It's quiet and calm and slow roll onward to the great North.
Canadian Tux
Alaskan Decor
This is an actual 102lb King Salmon caught August 10, 1969
We had car deck call again at 2:15 and Jessie finally relaxed. It's so confusing trying to get them to go indoors when they are trained to not. As soon as she went, her ears went back and she shied up to Hubs' leg, bracing for punishment that never came. Quite the opposite. She received the snuggly, suffocating love of two guilty caregivers.

Puppy Play Time

We watched another movie before heading up to see some sights and eat dinner. We decided to splurge and get food in the dining room with a great view.

On the way back to the room, we stepped onto the side deck to enjoy this:

"I feel like you're fitting in pretty good up here."
"What does that mean."
"All I see is one big denim. If your headband was denim I would Lose. My. Mind. ...It looks like you have a denim wetsuit on."
Thanks, Hubs.

Our last pet call was at 8:15, and Jessie was a pro. We were SO tired; bed by 8:45.

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