24 August 2013

Day 6


"Always be joyful." 1 Thessalonians 5:16

Geared Up for Game Day

This morning we woke up to a wonderful spread on the back patio. We loved getting to enjoy breakfast with Dad, Momma, Kelc, Ethan, Carrie. It has been hot & humid here, but not enough to keep us from being outdoors. So happy we aren't having the miserable heat characteristic of August in Tennessee! 
What a Spread!

Us girls got to work on food for tonight, and Dad & Hubs ran errands for the neighbors and tailgate. They also finally retrieved the love seat I had moved into Nana Hamrick's when Hubs was deployed and I lived in the apt off the side of the house. 

We got ready for the game and headed downtown. My uncle Jeff and aunt Brandy usually tailgate before all the games, so we set-up for BBQ chicken, hot dogs with all the fixins, chips, dip, grape salad, potato salad, and dessert. We loved getting to see them and catch up a little, but missed Chris, Annie, and Billy! We obviously were also missing a whole branch of the brother tree: Crazy Uncle Mike, Will's family, & Amanda.
On the Way

My Siblings
The Crew
Football Time in TN

We headed up to our club level seats with Kelc & Ethan. It was a beautiful night with a good breeze. We loved getting to sit with them and enjoy a little Football Time in Tennessee! 
Club Level Amenities
LP Field (Photo Cred: My Seester)

And the cutest little girl sat behind us with a Falcons-fan dad & a Titans-fan grandma. She was a little confused about who she wanted to win, but she might be the best 5-year-old photographer ever. She took this of Hubs & me:
Photo Cred: Adorable 5 year old

Hubs & I left with Mom & Dad after the 3rd quarter. A decent introduction to my dad is our two post-game stops. If you know him, you wouldn't be surprised that we picked up a dozen at Krispie Kreme under a red "Hot doughnuts Now" sign. Apparently, there's an app for that. We also made a quick detour to Finezza. Dad & Hubs seemed to be jealous enough of the Maple Bacon cheesecake to knock on the door after closing to ask if there was an extra piece. That flavor was sold out, but Dad successfully negotiated a trade: a piece of Nutella cheesecake for one hot doughnut.
KK, of course

Great day. Titan Up!

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