26 August 2013

Day 8

Mt Vernon to Denver

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You." Isaiah 26:3

We got in to our Motel 6 room at 4am this morning. Hubs hit snooze at 9:30. Up at 9:45 and on the road at 10:30. Just one big, fat day of driving. Through Missouri from St Louis to Kansas City. The boring, everlasting, flatlands of Kansas. More boring, flat land to more boring, flat land. (Blog-writing, blog-reading, book-reading, fast-food, gas-station-stopping, radio-tolerating turned radio-loathing, discussion-discouraging, beautiful 100-degree weather it our AC squeaks, over 14 hours of driving a single elevation / straight-line.) There's no man and no dog I'd rather spend this car-sized space with.
St Louis
Kansas City
Far As the Eye Can See
Space Station Bathroom: L to R Soap. Faucet, Hand Dryer.
This could've been us. Hubs didn't like that idea.
Finished reading this convicting, conversation-starter today.
She looks elated, but it's just a yawn.

Destination: Denver. Mission: 2 nights & 1 full driveless day celebrating the Golden Birthday of our sister, Kari Woodard.

Hubs drove the whole way. Swoon.

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