02 January 2014

2013: A Year in Review {Part 2}

Welcome to part two of our snapshot of 2013! See part one here.

My very first post on this blog was documenting Hubs' graduation from NAVSCOLEOD in July of this past year. I have done my best to document the second half of 2013 for our connection to family and friends, as well as for our sweet memories later on. These posts are to record memories and reference earlier posts in recapping the past 12 months.

Krista, Victoria, and I were reunited. The Hull's spent a couple of vacation days in Destin and the group ate together at the Back Porch. See Victoria's blog post!
The whole family came for graduation! In case you haven't already figured out my weak-spot, my heart's desire is for relationship- especially intimacy in family- more than most anything else. I'm also a sucker for sentimental moments, and this ceremony was one of my proudest moments! See this post about our fun-filled weekend here!
I had to quit my favorite job ever and had to say goodbye to these little brown eyes. I definitely cried on the way home.

The last part of July and first part of August was like the honeymoon we should've had. Hubs had a supervisor that had him call instead of come onto base daily. We spent days on the beach, went paddle boarding, had dates at our favorite seafood places, went to the movies, and more.
Jessie & Rosie Sleepover
Our Last Date Night in Destin
Then we set out on our big move, starting with a quick trip to New Orleans, and an epic road trip to Alaska after turning in the keys to our sweet home in Niceville. You can follow everyday of our trip in the archives on the right hand side of this blog!

We arrived in Anchorage and found out we were having a baby two days later!! We moved into our house,  Hubs started work, and I started getting sick.

What I remember about October is being sick and doing school work. Gross. But we had our first snowfall, Hubs had his first mission as an EOD tech to Kodiak, and we got to tell our family that they are expecting a new addition!

Hubs participated in Movember. He just did it because he can grow a legit mustache and, months later, is still getting comments. I say he looked like a Mario brother to get an easy laugh, but he actually has to makings of being one of the great mustache growers of our time. That full, dark broom reminded me so much of my Papa's fashion stache in the 80's. The mustache was a little too good, and Hubs had a smooth upper lip the moment November was gone. I didn't mind it one bit, but if I had my preference, I choose the beard.
We spent our first Thanksgiving in Alaska with new friends and coworkers. We took food and hung out at an FRG dinner with Hubs' company the night before. The next day we spent a few hours at the Sullo's. Chad is on Hubs' team, and they invited a bunch of us to potluck for Thanksgiving. We loved having a big traditional meal and spending time getting to know everyone! 

We had another FRG dinner and then spent Christmas Eve day at the Maldonado's. We did lots of Christmas shopping and shipping and made the most of this Christmas with our family of (almost) four. Our favorite gift was finding out we are having a baby boy soon!
Momma wanted a picture of us for their Christmas card, so Hubs and I drove to the park down the street. We parked the car by the tree line, put the camera on the car, and set the self-timer. The first one was a little out of focus. This is the second one. We liked it, so we got back in the car, drove home, and I ordered our own Christmas cards!

This past year holds many memories and presented huge changes. We are learning as we go and are so glad you are apart of our journey. We are grateful for our family and friends as we enter into a new year full of unknowns but full of hope. We love you and hope your holiday season was blessed!

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