28 October 2013

Introducing...The News

"So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while." 1 Peter 1:6

The reason for no recent blog posts is that the one really exciting thing that has happened to us since we moved here is the one thing we had to wait to tell! Everything pales in comparison. I just couldn't get into blog posts about what box I had successfully unpacked that day or what football game/TV show we watched that week.

There's a baby in my belly!

Yay! Ok, let me catch you up on the deets. I found out just a few days after arriving in Anchorage while we were still in the hotel. We were tired from the long trip, and Hubs was sleeping in every morning. I was getting up earlier, and that day I did the math. I had no other symptoms at all other than we had been trying and I was late. But I was bored and had an extra pregnancy test. (The test packages come with two, and I had tried one the month before.) The two pink lines showed up not three seconds after taking the test. So, here I was, in a hotel bathroom, quiet-jumping and silent-yelling and fist-pumping while Hubs & Jess were snoozing away just feet from me on the other side of the wall.

Hubs was supposed to sign in to his new job the next day. I was a little nervous he wouldn't really be excited yet because he was nervous about his first day and we didn't have a place to live. I decided to wait to tell him. Plus, I thought it would be fun to tell him in a thoughtful way! I only had to wait until the next day when we had the best blessing of an unlikely move-in. If you know Hubs, you'll be able to tell that he is pumped in this video! If you don't, just know he is a processor and not a reactor. Meaning, he stared at me like I was an alien for two days repeating basically what he says in this video over and over before finally telling me with words that he was so happy about the news!

That week, I told a couple of friends who knew we were trying. I couldn't keep it in! (They would've figured it out anyways though. They would ask how the "trying" is going, and I am a terrible liar.) We went to the hospital twice that week- the first time to get confirmation and the second, for labs. They booked the first OB visit, and we decided to wait to tell everyone else until we heard the tiny heartbeat at my first appointment.

We ended up telling our sisters a week before the first appointment. I was feeling terrible and wanted to remember that this is such an exciting time. We got to FaceTime Kari and Kelcee and decided that's how we wanted to tell everyone. Getting to see their reactions is priceless and having the ability to do so is such a blessing! Having our sisters' help getting others in our family set up to video chat was pretty vital too.

I love this video so much! The best part is the end, so even if you don't watch the whole thing, skip forward.

My first OB appointment was quick and painless. Hubs didn't get to come because his unit had to be at the range all day. I got to hear the strong heartbeat (171 bpm) and watch the doctor measure from head to butt (4.01 cm). I got to see our little joey (Get it? Because s/he is in my kangaroo pouch?) squirming around and doing a little dance for me! Joey was a little shy and was perfectly content keeping one hand in front of his or her little face. S/he was all curled up and didn't want to move until close to the end- then started waving those tiny hands and kicking those tiny tadpole legs. Joey has some pretty sweet moves already! I go back in 5-6 weeks for a check-up and then again mid-December to find out if s/he is a boy or girl.

This past week I have felt almost normal, but the past two months? So terrible. It feels like the worst hangover while being seasick all the time. I tried Preggy Pop drops (delicious, but not too helpful), Ginger tea (nope), saltines & water by the bed for immediate morning rations (somewhat effective), Seabands (these pressure point  sweatbands were the ticket to feeling 80% normal!), exercise (yes, yes, and yes- but way too tired), naps (who's sick when they're asleep?!), and drinking lots of water. Bathroom breaks every 20 minutes gets old quickly, my clothes are too tight, and nothing sounds good to eat ever. I can eat and keep it down, thankfully, but....ew. And I gag everytime I am close to a sink. The early joys of being preggo!

Hubs has come through in every way. I think he sees it as a right-of-passage or something. He keeps asking if I'm craving anything yet. I think he wants to do a 3am run for pickles like he's seen in the movies. But this amazing man-- on top of a heavy work schedule recently-- has done every dish, most the cooking, the bathroom cleanings, and brings me water every morning. I got a good one. He's going to be the best dad ever.

We are so blessed that our baby already has such an amazing support network of friends & family. We are so excited we get to (FINALLY!) share all of this with you!

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