07 January 2014

Week 22

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5

How far along?
22 weeks / 5.5 months

Baby size?
Joey is about the size of a spaghetti squash!

Weight gain?
This section is new, but have seen it on other baby bump blogs, so I decided to add it. I started weighing almost every day a few weeks ago because I wasn't gaining. At 4+ months, I weighed the same or less than when I left Florida. I think having no appetite and many aversions for the first few months has something to do with all that. I've started gaining this month or so though: a total of about 4-6 pounds.

Sleeping is great. A little too great. Do it a lot.

- Orange juice
- I found a cupcakery. Whoops.
- Chicken salad
- Super cold water

Old food, raw beef

Feeling winded much faster.
My nails are growing as faster. And they aren't alone. I'm getting pretty top heavy and in full maternity gear, with a handful of exceptions. You can judge me, but I had discreetly kept a box of shirts and dresses that were made flowy or to fit loosely so that they fit the bill of, "Hey, I could probably wear this when I'm pregnant" since before we were married. These items, hand-me-downs, and gifts from joey's grandmas have saved us from buying me a new wardrobe. 

Sad, happy, grumpy, jolly, rinse, repeat. Playing a few fast ones on Hubs and his general humor makes me belly laugh. But then he also found me crying in the fetal position in the closet. He waved to me when I dropped him off at work, and I thought it was the most adorable thing I'd seen in a while. Then I'm irrationally irritated with him when he says he's going to bed early. So, yeah, we're experiencing the full range over here.

Looking forward to?
- Doctor's appointment today!
- Booked flight to Nashville! Countdown: 28 days.
- Starting fresh: new church, new workout schedule, new bible study, new school semester.

What's new?
- Joey is movin and shakin, kicking and jabbing! Feeling him move around is starting to be a regular thing. Almost daily. Hubs can't feel it yet, but I'm thinking he should be able to soon!
- I meant to tell you guys last post, but one of my friends here had me over one day to go through boxes and boxes of maternity and baby boy clothes! I came home with enough newborn and 0-3 month clothes to let our man make several fashionable wardrobe changes each day for the first season of life.
- Packed Christmas away and started nesting a little: organizing, rearranging, hanging pictures & curtains, etc.

Prayer Requests?
- Please pray for Hubs & I as we ride out the rest of this winter.  It is nothing worse than we expected (weather & sunlight situation are better than we thought actually), but we are right in the middle of it and discouragement comes easy these days.
- Pray for Stephanie, Dustin, & baby Gentry. Dustin works with Hubs, & Steph & I hit it off. Baby Gentry was born last night!

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