20 December 2014

7 Months Old

Hahaha. Just kidding.

Eli is seven months old today!

Eli is such a curious little explorer. He's in constant motion or asleep. There's really no in-between. He is scooting and rocking and rolling, but crawling is still some time away. He really wants to figure out how to pull up on things. While he can't quite get up on his own, he loves standing up holding onto furniture. And Eli has started coming up with the silliest faces! He loves his baths. His favorite part is hitting the water and splashing his parents. He is pretty stubborn and a little adrenaline junkie. He loves being tossed and thrown in the air. We bounce and dance and juggle and swing him around all the time. I'm getting super strong shoulders ha!

The last 30 days, we had a weird schedule with visitors, end of school, and predeployment, so Eli had a hard time napping and getting to sleep at night. Momma and dad were stressed = baby was stressed. And he was teething. He now has two top teeth to matching the bottom. Hubs says he went from reverse-rabbit to jack-o-lantern. Since turning in my last assignment this semester, Hubs being off work for Christmas leave, and those teeth finally breaking through, Eli has been sleeping great and our happy baby is back!

Adorable Outtakes:

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