07 August 2014

Millee and Grandhops…The Sequel.

Eli and I picked Millee and Grandhops up from the airport on July 23rd. Dad and I grabbed a quick snack from Cinnabon because isn't that everyone's go-to airport treat? They have these little cinna-sweets now: cinnabon donuts with icing. Let's just say, my hubs better be glad I didn't know about these when I was pregnant. He would've been making the hour long round-trip at least once a week. We then went straight to Moose's Tooth Pizzeria and ordered extra to take home for Hubs.

Pahaha! Jessie was very excited.
On Saturday, we took a trip to Talkeetna. This is a quaint little town south of Denali. The drive up was beautiful. We stopped at a small lake view about half-way for me to feed Eli, and my parents got their first view of Mt McKinley. By the time Eli was finished, clouds had covered the mountain. I had yet to see it!
Just a quick snapshot out the window of the car on the drive.
We had lunch at Denali Brewing Co. before wandering around the tiny town. The streets were busy with people and the day could not have been more beautiful. We ended our time in Talkeetna at a small bakery for dessert. Delicious! (I must be hungry because so far my memory of events are all food-related.) Anyways, on the way back to Anchorage, we pulled off the main highway to check out a flight-seeing place. It was such a pretty view of Fish Lake and the owner was kind enough to let us sit, enjoy her peaceful cul-de-sac, and watch a landing on the water. All a ploy to make us take a tour, I'm sure. It worked because Hubs and I totally plan to go back and let them show us around Denali from the air!
Unfortunately, most of their visit, we had a sick baby boy on our hands (and chests). He was still an amazing little traveler but sounded like a pug and wanted to eat more than usual. Hubs and I were so sad but loved the sweet snuggles!
On Sunday, we went to church service and the JBER Airshow. The F-22s were amazing to watch, but boy were they loud! Luckily, the ear protection I had purchased for Eli worked like a charm. He somehow slept through that daring dancing jet show. We met a few of our friends at the show too. I was glad my parents got to meet our EOD family! We also got to walk by many different aircraft, including a blackhawk. Hubs' dad flies them, so I excited to see one up close. Hub's unit also had a demo booth set out. It was fun for me to see what he works with and ask questions about his job. Such a cool experience.
So far family visits have all included trips to the brand new BassPro. It's pretty awesome inside. Polar bears and everything!
Tuesday, we took a trip south to Mt Alyeska. Hubs didn't get any time off from work other than his normal weekend during their visit so he had to miss out on something. We stopped at McHugh trail on the way down just for the view on a clear day.
We reached the resort, bought tickets for the tram, and took it all in. The grounds around the hotel are just beautiful, and the view from the top is incredible. The five-minute ride up the tram alone was so worth the trip to Girdwood, and our lunch at the Bore Tide Deli was so yummy. We could barely eat half of our giant sandwiches. We had panoramic views among the ski lifts and trailheads. There is a great little gift shop with a wrap-around deck where we watched a few daring fellows run off the edge to paraglide the whole way down. I can't wait to explore the hotel and trails more with Hubs soon!
^^ L: View from bottom of the tram. R: View from top of the tram. ^^
My mom "accidentally" took this unbelievable shot when we passed the other tram. It's a postcard!
That night, Dad and Hubs went fishing. Hubs had heard of a couple of little spots on base where the salmon were running. He had bought waders and flies at BassPro to complete his rig for this kind of fishing and had caught one silver salmon with a few guys from work on his lunch break that day. Hubs and Dad snagged two that night. Snagging is illegal, so they threw them back and came home late that night empty-handed. But the sunset that night was breathtaking, and the guys enjoying the fishing with a great pink-y orange-ish view of Mt McKinley. 
Above: Sunset from our house.
Below: Sunset from the guys fishing.
 Wednesday was my parents last day here. We had lunch at Snow City Cafe per request before walking down to Resolution Park, a small lookout point downtown. Then it was off to airport until next time!

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