18 August 2014

Learning in Alaska

This past weekend (August 15th & 16th) we went on a couple of adventures. 

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is only a few miles from our house. We weren't sure exactly what to expect, but it ended up being a fantastic cultural and educational center that offers class, videos, and an outdoor walk-through of simulated villages of Alaska's Indigenous people and communities per region.

The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward is an aquarium and wildlife rescue center. We drove down to Resurrection Bay on a rainy Saturday and walked through the center learning all about Alaska's marine ecosystems. We watched salmon, starfish, seabirds, and more, but our favorite was one spirited sea lion. We got to watch him showoff from above on the second level and swim swiftly in his teal tank from the first floor. We had no idea a sea lion could be that big!
Sweet buddy sleeping with his bear after a long day. Looking at the fishies and sea lions is exhausting! 
We also witnessed a rainbow's full arch on the Seward Highway. Pretty amazing.

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