12 May 2014

Our Last Weekend for Two…We Hope!

"We live by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

Hubs and I have been trying to take advantage of the short time we have left as just the two of us. 
He had a four-day weekend (Friday- Monday off), so we went on a few dates and got lots of rest.

We mostly ran a few errands and relaxed. After breakfast at home, we walked around downtown and checked out the Army/Navy store. Hubs got some new jeans, and we went by Lowe's to price a few things for our garden plot. We are hoping to start potting a few things out back once Eli is home, and the community garden will open soon afterwards.

I spent the morning making two large freezer lasagnas for post-baby dinners. After finishing an insane amount of dishes, we got ready to head to Beluga Point. It is a whale-watching site only about a 35 minute drive south from our house. We didn't see whales, but we did get a beautiful view and a nice little walk before dinner at Olive Garden.

We called our moms, of course. We spent some time sitting out on our back deck. We are starting to love our deck-sits. Hubs put some citronella tiki torches out, the sun stays up til after 11pm, and Jessie gets to run sprints, fetch her tennis ball, or pine for the pups on both sides of our fenced yard. Our date night was to see "Bears" at the movies and grab dinner at Red Robin. We even splurged for Marble Slab before heading home.

We had our 40-week Dr appointment at 8am. I'm not having any signs of labor, so after the normal weight, blood pressure, and measuring check-up, they set up another appointment time for next week. We are really, really, really needing Eli to come before they start thinking I have to be induced.
We went out for a comfort breakfast straight from the appointment to Snow City Cafe downtown, then came home to rest for a while. We went for an afternoon workout and had a relaxing night at home. Hubs had his first yard mowing of the season, and I took a pretty wonderful nap. Also, I woke up to a few of fun packages in the mail! 

One of my favorite friends, Melanie, sent the sweetest gift. How adorable is she?!
"Ear plugs- for when Andrew is on the night shift.
A Sophie Teether- because that would be the first thing I'd be excited to buy if I were pregnant (it's so cute, right?!)
A T-shirt that says "hug"- because that's one thing I'd love to be able to give you right now (a really BIG one!)
& A gift card- to cover the bits in between.

I received Eli's banner for the man cave from Ethan and Kelcee! 
It came with the best Mother's Day card from my Seester. 
I was too excited and immediately made Hubs hang it above Eli's crib. It's perfect!

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