11 May 2014

A Few Favorite Things on Mother's Day

I found my labor verse! Please pray this with me so that this truth 
is written on my heart and mind when Eli is on his way.

I left the commissary just behind this precious pair. And I slowed down just to take it in. I'm convinced there's nothing sweeter. This baby boy of ours will grow up and move away and it'll be just me and Hubs again, growing old together. I wanna love him my whole life.

I got the most thoughtful care package in the mail from my dear friend, Victoria. My very first Mother's Day present! Victoria is Rosie's mom, Jessie's BFF from Florida. And she's Carter's mom, Eli's soon-to-be BFF, when he is born in August! It has been the best gift getting to share this journey of becoming a momma with her. She is the biggest blessing (no preggo pun intended). I am a better woman, wife, and I know I will be a better mom because of this precious friendship.

My actual very first Mother's Day present from Eli was a complete shock! First, it was a few days early. Second, when did Eli have a chance to make such a sweet purchase? His pops made sure he got it right-- with his birthstone and everything! Love these beauties!

Love these beauties too! Eli has no idea what he's in for. Happy Mom Day to Milee & Mimi!

And here's a picture of Jessie getting a bath. Just because.

Hope you hugged your momma and have an beautiful week!

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