11 April 2014

Eli's Close-Up

“No one is holy like the Lord! There is no one besides you; there is no Rock like our God.” 1 Samuel 2:2

We had a sonogram appointment today. The last scan we had was inconclusive about the fibroid that was a potential problem due to its proximity to the delivery path. They couldn't find it. So, the doctor referred us to a sonogram place off post that we had visited previously at 12 weeks. I was excited about today's appointment because the last time we had been there, they were very thorough and spent quite a bit of time with us. So, I was hoping we might get one last decent profile pic of Eli.

The appointment was amazing, and I was thrilled Hubs was here for this one. 
The tech asked where "home" was. He wasn't surprised when we said we were from Tennessee. 
We knew he wasn't from around here either. He was from Chattanooga! He was incredibly personable and detailed as he took all of Eli's pictures and measurements.

We knew we were going in to check on the growth and position of both fibroids and Eli. 
But we had no idea we would get to see him like this today!
Best Surprise Ever!

First, neither fibroid is smaller. But both are a very safe distance from Eli's departure gate. 
They should have zero effect on labor and delivery. Thankfully, we will not be having to schedule 
a c-section as earlier scans implied! We see the DR on Monday to confirm.

Also, the measurements taken gave us an approximate weight of 5 lbs 10 oz. That puts Eli in the 43rd percentile of all babies at the same point in pregnancy. All other measurements put him in the 50th percentile or less. The tech said, if I go all the way to the due date, he should be between 7 & 8 lbs. 
I'll take it! It was such a good feeling- especially since so many people want to tell me they think he's a giant. I get that my baby dome has pasted the "aww, shucks" cuteness and has entered into the "not long now" category. But, just to clarify, my baby is very average size, and I am on the low end of weight gain. I've measured exactly on my due date every appointment. But if it makes ya feel better to quip that I'm a planet or that I will be birthing one, by all means, please continue.


He wanted to keep his hands up by his face almost the whole time. The tech said it is super rare to get pics like these of the face this far in the pregnancy because they are so smushed in there! Eli was very cooperative. The tech said he was a little showman ha!

So, on the black and white picture below, you are looking at the side of his head (the long white curved part is his skull) and the short white strands coming off of that to the right is HAIR! The tech said he has a ton all over his head. That's what all the texture around and above his ear is on the previous picture. And we got to see his eyelashes!

When the picture below- the grumpy one- came up on the screen, both Hubs and our tech said 
Eli looks a lot like me! The tech said he definitely has my nose- which is funny because all the 2D profile pictures we have up until now have that straight triangle that is Hubs' undeniable profile. But in the sonogram today, Eli definitely has a little scooped button nose. I'll tell you what though, he has Hubs' paddle feet for sure. We couldn't believe how well we could see what he looks like and 
how much we looks like both of us already! So amazing.

This one below is my favorite. It just seems to be the clearest picture of what he really will look like.

So there you have it! Eli's pictorial debut. The sonogram place printed all the pictures, put all of them on a disc to upload and email as well, AND made a live DVD copy of the entire appointment. We saw him kicking and wiggling and sucking his hand. We, of course, think he is absolutely the cutest baby that has ever been. And we just could not wait to share these pictures with you! The only thing better will be when he actually gets here and we get to hold that precious face!


  1. These are crazy! I love his wittle nose!

    1. I know right?!! We were in shock when we saw him! I haven't stopped staring at these since we got them!

  2. Ive already said it but he is so precious and I can not wait to meet Eli!!!! He is already working those photogenic skills!

    1. Awwww me too! We have missed him so much ever since we got to see this cute face! I'm ready whenever he's ready to come join us that's for sure!