10 December 2013

Week 18

“Your hands made me and formed me.” Psalm 119:73

{ Disclaimer: Last week's belly bump picture was deceivingly small due to clothing choice and angle. So, if it seems that our baby has grown an insane amount over two weeks, it is only an illusion. As my mom put it, "No wonder you're having growing pains!" The sweet babe has definitely grown, but it has been way more subtle than it may seem from the difference in these two pics. Also, don't ask what is going on with my hair. This is a baby bump picture, not a momma beauty contest. }

How far along?
18 weeks

Baby size?

Our joey is about the size of a bell pepper.


Sleep schedule is completely off. I occasionally get woken up by aches and pains and have even had to sleep sitting up a few nights to get relief.


candy and cranberry juice


meat and produce that isn't fresh


tiredness, pretty extreme growing pains


I've been irritable due to lack of sleep and lots of hurting!  

Looking forward to?
- Finding out if our joey is a boy or a girl!
- Pain relief, hopefully.
- Christmas!

What's new?

- Belly is growing and normal clothes no longer fit.
- I can feel joey rolling if I press on my belly. No kicks or jabs yet!
- Had a doctor's appointment on 12/5. Only gained about a pound and heard a healthy heartbeat. Hubs went with me and was so amazing at helping me ask all the questions we are starting to have about the rest of this process! 

So, what do you guys think? Is our little joey a boy or a girl?!


  1. I'm going with GIRL :) Lauren Jr. LOL! But in all honesty, I hope she or he is just a healthy, happy, & perfect mix of the two of you. Also, I will laugh if it IS a boy and you guys stick with the name Joey! Wishing you all the best :D

    1. Haha yes!!! We only call our little babe "joey" because s/he is in my kangaroo pouch. And the only way we will stick with that name is if it's a girl. ;)