18 December 2013


“Now I am giving him to the Lord, and he will belong to the Lord his whole life.” 1 Samuel 1:28 

Today, we went to Radiology for an anatomy scan appointment. We spent over an hour watching the tech zoom in on all the different organs, take all kinds of measurements, and explain to us what we were seeing. He was an amazing blessing to us- so informative and thorough and kind. He probably spent way longer with us than a normal appointment usually takes because we asked a ton of questions and we ended up talking about random things like Alaskan activities and how much he enjoys his job. Of course, the best part of the appointment was finding out that our little joey is a BOY! We can't wait to meet him in May!

Hubs was in a bit of shock because he has been so sure that we were having a girl. He got this hunch not a week after we found out I was pregnant and then felt confirmed at our sonogram almost two months ago. The tech at that appointment offered to project the baby's sex based on the angle of the organ at the time. She confidently stated, "Oh, you're having a girl! I mean, that's only a 51% guess though." But she sounded so sure that Hubs was convinced. I even started leaning that way a little. 

We would've absolutely loved having a little lady (and I'm already secretly hoping the next one is a baby sister!) But we are already so proud of our little man! If we had been able to choose, we would've chosen a boy. We love that any other children we have will have a big brother. We love the idea of playing in the backyard with our son! We couldn't be happier. While we have started a rough list of names we like for either a boy or girl, we are still sure that we do not want to name him until we meet him. (OMG! I get to say HIM!) So, he's still our little joey for now. Mr. Woodard is an acceptable option as well.

Everything else was wonderful on the scan. Joey is functioning as he should and has all his little fingers and toes. He was stretched all the way out from head to toe for most of his performance. The only hiccup is that we are continuing to monitor the two fibroids that were found at the 12 week sonogram. Fibroids are common benign tumors that many women have and is usually genetic. Most women who have fibroids are completely unaware until they show up on a pregnancy ultrasound like mine did. The reason why we are even monitoring the ones that I have is that one of them is in a position that could potentially cause a natural delivery to be a little difficult. Fibroids typically grow larger in the company of hormones, and mine did measure larger this appointment. It is nothing they haven't seen before and all doctors and techs are confidant that it is a non-issue for a normal and safe delivery. The worst case scenario is a c-section, and the weird case scenario is that I might have a funny-shaped preggo belly! Fibroids pose absolutely no risk to the well-being of our little boy. He just might have to share some room. He is preferring to hang out on the right side of me and seems snug as a bug in a rug over there!

We went straight to the PX after the appt to make sure we had all the tree supplies. (I had already bought pink ornaments and ribbon, as well as blue ornaments and the football for tree topping, but didn't have enough blue because Hubs was so sure our appointment would simply confirm what he already knew!) We couldn't help ourselves as we went straight for the baby dept. Hubs excitedly picked out our first "boy" outfit and wants joey to come home from the hospital in his new digs! 

We also received these adorably appropriate baby slippers in the mail from my sweet seester today! We know this was a humble sacrifice from Keke, an avid Tennessee fan. Joey is already completely covered in love from his cool aunts!

We are thrilled to share this news with you! What a fun surprise. It is going to be impossible to not start purchasing handsome garments, athletic gear, & a tiny shaving kit, amiright?!

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