02 October 2015

Bennett is One Month Old!

This little brown-eyed boy looks exactly like his dad. Their baby pics are identical, and Hubs said it was like looking in a mirror. (In the hospital, the midwife asked if my husband was Greek and, the next day, a nurse asked if he was Asian. The last picture might explain why ha!) Bennett could also be very easily mistaken for his big brother. Only their eyes give it away- Eli has mine and Bennett has Hubs'. On top of the fact that he's incredibly handsome, Bennett is such a sweet, smushy snuggler. He likes being held and being constantly in motion. He hasn't had a lot of tummy time. Putting him on the floor with Eli on the loose seems like it would be a poor decision if we'd like Bennett to make it to two months old or so. His two week doctor appointment went well. Bennett weighed 8.8lbs and was 21.3 inches long. The doctor said he was doing everything a baby should do. He keeps a pretty normal newborn routine: Sleep, eat, change, repeat. 
I am so very tired. But, man, are we smitten with our Bennett Bear.

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