21 July 2014

Two Months Old

"Children are a gift from the Lord; They are a reward from Him." Psalm 127:3

Eli was two months old yesterday!

Eli had his two month well baby appointment today. He weighs 13.78 lbs and is 22.85 inches long. This puts him in the 91% for weight and 24% in height. Translation: he's short and fat. Not that you can tell it by looking at him or anything. He also got his shots, but we don't wanna talk about it. 
Our little man is super strong and super squirmy. He pushes off with his legs, flails his arms, and is beginning to reach. He is starting to open his hands more out of the tight little fists. He tries to sit up and arches back. Eli is now talking to us. Cooing, sheep sounds, and dolphin noises mostly. He is definitely a drooler. Also, he is starting to smile! He only grins in the mornings. It's not for very long but his muscles are developing more each day. He recognizes our voices and turns his head to find where the voice is coming from. Very alert and focuses on things nearby really well. He can see much further now too. He loves pictures on the wall and getting to look around outside. Eli's eyes are still the same blue color. Lost a good deal of hair on top and sides but still rocking the thick long hair above his neck. He is starting to like his being in his swing- hallelujah! He is a great napper when he gets to lay on someone, but usually doesn't stay asleep if put down during the day. If he is in his baby carrier or moving in his car seat, he is sure to sleep. This makes for a great little traveler. And he loves going to church service in his moby wrap. He sleeps 5-8 hours straight at night in his bassinet. We are usually in the bed for around 12 hours with feedings. We like to take our time in the morning. Sweet snuggles and sleeping in is the best! He takes a pacifier, but he also likes to suck on his teensy hand. Jessie is warming up to him. She was never acting out, just a little shy not knowing what to think about this new little person. It helps that she has our attention back and is getting her family hikes back in her schedule!

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