25 March 2015

Ten Months Old

Eli was ten months old last week! 

Eli is a totally different baby since we got his food situation figured out. He's so happy and is sleeping as well as a baby can. We won't have another doctor's appointments until Eli is a year old, so I'm not sure his exact height and weight. But I can tell he is growing bigger and stronger! He is in 6-9 month clothes and still in size 3 diapers. No new teeth, but he loves showing off the ones he has. He is a crawling maniac these days and has a couple of toys that assist him in walking all over the living room. Some play music, and Eli has learned to dance! He will stop whatever he's doing to dance to tunes on the TV or even sometimes when I sing. After pulling up, Eli lets go and can stand up all by himself! I think he still has a month or so to walk, but he's definitely making moves in that direction. 

Eli has a whole different interest in Jessie with his new mobility. They love to wrestle and play tag or tug of war. Jessie is a perfect big sister- so gentle and patient. The weather is starting to warm up, and we are already enjoying getting outside in beautiful Alaska. Eli loves to ride in his stroller, and he played on the swings for the first time the other day. But his favorite thing to do each day is FaceTime his dad or listen to the book that his dad recorded for him before he left. We are so grateful for time with him each day!

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