08 March 2015

Baby Woodard: The Sequel

So if you're wondering what the big news was that I gave Hubs at our family photo shoot, this is it! 

Baby Dos is due in the fall. Eli is a big brother!

We did try for this baby, although I was a little shocked it worked so quickly! I was not off birth control for two weeks, and it is supposedly harder to get pregnant while nursing. But when we first talked about starting to build our family, we loved the idea of siblings close in age. We had an obstacle come up with Hubs' work plans, so we decided that we would try right before. Our mindset was that if it worked, that's great, and if not, we'll just try as soon as he's home. Welp…it worked. We wouldn't have waited much longer to try anyways if his work plans hadn't made us bump it up a bit. The kiddos should be about 15 to 16 months apart, and we are so excited! Hubs kept saying, "this is so perfect! I'm so happy! Aren't you so happy?!" Haha. I definitely am thrilled, but I think I was more shocked at first. We had thought through every possible scenario of this next year before we decided to try, and we are so comfortable with the situation. Some of the process might be bittersweet, but we love the timing, are so blessed by our support group here, and have such a sweet thing to anticipate for the next months. 

This baby is also the reason we had problems with Eli's food. Being pregnant kept me from being able to produce milk for Eli. He was hangry (being hungry makes you angry = hangry) at the same time that I was inflicted with constant morning sickness and Hubs was gone at training. It may have been the most difficult month of my life. But Eli is now satisfied, the morning sickness is gone, and we get to talk to Hubs everyday. I have had a few appointments checking in on the new baby, and s/he is wonderful.

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