18 March 2014

Week 32

“This is what the Lord says— your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord, the Maker of all things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the earth by myself.” Isaiah 44:24

Just Kidding. 

How far along?
32 weeks. About 8 weeks to go!

Baby size?

Joey is getting close to 3 lbs and over 16 inches long.
He is headed into a growth spurt, gaining more fat on that skinny little body. 
He can move his head side to side and open and close his eyes. 
He has fingernails, toenails, eyelashes, and hair.

Weight gain?

Total of almost 20 lbs. Thanks a lot, sweet tooth.


Sleeping is uncomfortable. The days of Jessie sleeping with us are about over.


-Strawberries. Usually with whipped cream or in my spinach salads or in oatmeal or on pancakes. Ooooo, and oranges. Fruit smoothies are my new thing: strawberries, green apple, banana, flaxseed, and pineapple coconut water. Used to make them all the time in FL. The produce here has finally started to look like it wasn't freeze-dried.
-Chocolate. It's weird because I'm not really a chocolate girl. I choose vanilla or caramel or cinnamon or pretty much anything over chocolate. Baked a chocolate cake this weekend. We ate it all.
- Mom's lasagna. 


Well, Jessie had a sick day. Had to clean up after her twice. Once on our bed and the other on our couch. But who isn't averted to that?


-This is a weird one, but my veins have become super noticeable. It looks like blue spider webs all over my arms and torso and feet.
-You know how I've said I might be nesting before? Nope. That bug hit me hard last week: baking, sewing, hanging curtains and pictures, ironing bed skirts, organizing drawers and closets and the laundry room, deep cleaning the kitchen, making lists and lists and more lists. Most of this was done in two days with no naps.


My mood could be better. Having a hard time this past week.

Looking forward to?
- Hubs' birthday is tomorrow! (Wednesday, the 19th.)
- Part two of our class at the hospital next week.
- Sleeping on my back or belly again someday.

What's new?

-Leg cramps are new.
-The Joey Cam. All baby news and highlights will be brought to you by this digital camera with HD video. Got a steal of a deal and two months to practice my tech skills before photo shoots and home videos.

Prayer Requests?
- Please pray for a better next couple of weeks. For our time here in Alaska to be exciting and hopeful. For friendships and our church and all the things that go along with making this our home. 


  1. Haha, cute and funny comparison picture. You look great though!!

    1. Lol there are all kinds of funny preggo comparison pictures out there…trying to keep it classy over here! Thank you so much! And that compliment is SOOO nice to hear when you can no longer perform those ordinary tasks like tying your shoes or not being able to get back up once you lay down haha!