12 November 2013

Week 14

“Know that the Lord is God. It is He who made us, and we are His.” Psalm 100:3

How far along?
14 weeks

Baby size?
Our joey is about the size of a lemon (approx 3.5 inches).

Insomnia! My days and nights are getting mixed up, and I'm tired all the time. And I'm having the weirdest dreams.

Doritos Los Tacos supreme 
Normal fruit & veggies!!! The food here is lacking big time in this department. Nothing seems fresh; it all tastes frozen. 

meat, leftovers, bathrooms

a pooch & no energy

Irritable when tired. (And tired a lot.) Working on getting adjusted to life in AK and other circumstances. 

Looking forward to?
- Seeing a real baby bump. Although, I told a lady I was pregnant today and she said, "I know- I can tell. I didn't ask because I didn't want to be rude." So, we're close!
- The promised energy of the 2nd trimester I've heard so much about.
-Also, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS. I'm usually one who hates on those people who put up a tree before Thanksgiving, but I've already watched a handful of Hallmark channel Christmas movies. I've never watched one before. I take my sweet time in the holiday section of stores, sing Christmas songs, already have my gift list, and am so pumped about a real tree in our big living room window! Hubs has already had to say no to us getting a tree already.

What's new?
- I bought a little white crib. A sweet lady on craigslist was selling a cute one cheap because she was moving. We are going to clean it well and buy a new mattress.
- I started school again and am in two classes for this eight weeks.
- New haircut! 


  1. Replies
    1. I'm so excited! It finally looks like a preggo belly and not just like my normal one!

  2. My symptoms are the same as your's....oh no!!