13 September 2013

Introducing...The Hull's

Friend & Family Friday

{ Being a military family, you experience real, normal, everyday moments. But you also go through gut-wrenching, priority-shifting, life & death moments when you realize what's important and are found tearfully grateful for those you love and what God's given. So I came up with Friend & Family Fridays for two reasons: First, this one way we can all get to know each other a little better. And, secondly, I refuse to be one who regrets never saying what I wish I would have said. So here's to you, Friends & Family. Happy Friday! }

Hello. I am going to kick-off the first two weeks of Friend & Family Friday by featuring my amazing Florida friends, Krista and Victoria. I met them in a bible study at our church. The three of us connected the first day due to our husbands all being at NAVSCOLEOD. I remember Victoria & I walking nervously down the hall of the church behind Krista to pick up her daughter, Camylle, after the study that day. We went to chik-fil-a, and I was so grateful to be chatting with ladies in a similar season of life. I’m a little socially awkward sometimes, so today I’m so grateful that they kept hanging out with me! Read Proverbs 31, and you'll have a pretty comprehensive introduction to Krista Hull and Victoria Bobo. I'm way outta my league. Back when we lived in Fayetteville, Hubs and I had prayed for months for friends in Florida and that day He answered with these two amazing women.

I wanted to start this series of Friend & Family Fridays off with these girls because (1) I miss them like mad, (2) they both have great blogs and I knew they could help me start this off right!, and (3) so you guys can start praying with these women for the happenings in their lives. They are precious to me, and I can't wait for you to meet them!


Agh! How cute are they? I can't stand it.
When I met Krista, Forrest had only a couple months left at NAVSCOLEOD. He graduated and was stationed at Ft Polk, LA. I felt like I got to know her- and Camylle!- pretty well in that short time. I even cried when they left. They got to take a little trip back down to Destin on his pre-deployment leave, so we got to see them again. Then we took a weekend trip to New Orleans the weekend that they drove down to meet his parents for a mini-vaca in August. Like I’ve said before, two months was apparently long enough for us to feel like we may have made friends for life.

Krista is from Alaska, and Forrest is from Alabama. They met while he was stationed at Ft Wainwright in Fairbanks, AK, where she grew up. They have been married over 6 years and currently reside in DeRidder, LA with their two gorgeous daughters, Camylle Marie and Molly Isabelle.

Forrest recently left on a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan.

Krista has this way adorable about her. If you meet you, you will REALLY WANT to be her friend. She is cool and laid-back and completely charming. She is hilarious and discerning and patient and joyful. She is the friend, wife, mom I’ve always wanted to be. She is so beautiful with her dark wavy hair and natural tan and ever-constant grin. You guys. She is that person you meet and totally hit it off. And it’s all her. She is the easiest, most open, genuine, kind woman, and I want her to be my friend forever. Hubs and Forrest kind of did the same thing, but in less of an “OMG, let’s be BFFs” and more of a “What up. You like sports? Cool. You were infantry? Me too, Man. We’re cool, I guess.” kind of way.

Enough about them, let’s talk about their kids. I’m completely in love with my three-year-old buddy, Camylle. That girl is so happy and hilarious and playful. I love every bit of the bouncing and swinging and hitting and running and playing. I love when I misinterpret the majority of what she’s trying to tell me and basically end up having a random conversation with myself. I love that she calls me Miss Warren. I love being completely content making a total fool of myself with her. It’s exhausting and wonderful and directly opposite to my careful approach to her new baby sister, Molly.

This gorgeous, delicate doll seems to be a perfect calm & quiet partner for her wild & adventuresome sister. If I ever talked to a grown-up the way I do with Molly I would be shunned and probably admitted somewhere. It’s not actual talking- just unnatural noise-making. Mostly squeals and coos and gaaahhs. Decibels only dogs can detect. And I even kind of hold back because Hubs and Forrest and Krista are watching me awkwardly restrain from squeezing and kissing this pretty person I barely know. Why are adults such idiots around these tiny humans? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with them being the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and is quite possibly the closest thing we have to it here. Plus, these two are especially perfect.

These are the friends we want to family vaca with. We love them. The end.

Q & A

Where you were born and places you’ve lived:  I was born in Portland, Oregon. Then my family moved for the next 3 years to California, Canada then made it up to Fairbanks, Alaska where I spent the next 20 years of my life before moving away with my husband (who is from Alabama). We have been stationed/lived at Fort Wainwright, Alaska; Fort Bliss, Texas; Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; and are currently stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Oh and I forgot to mention I lived in Washington for a bit, going to college and then moved back to Alaska to finish my degree (BA Psychology, minor Linguistics). 

What do you do for work/school/fun? This is kind of a funny question because I'm a stay at home mom and my kids are my full time work, I feel like I get schooled/learn new things from them daily and have fun tending to my rambunctious 3 year old and sweet little 3 month old! Does that count?! BUT I would like to continue my education one day (hopefully within the 2-3 years) and get my graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology (SLP). I would love to have my own private practice and dream of working as an SLP missionary in a foreign country :)! Not sure how that last little dream will pan out with kids but...where there's a will there's a way!! We'll just count it as a FEILD TRIP ;)!!! 

What is your favorite childhood memory? For my 11th birthday party (I'm pretty sure it was the 11th one), I had a group of my best friends over and we camped in the backyard. We stayed up all night laughing, being silly little girls and ran around the tent playing tag while slipping on the morning dew. Then that morning my mom made an amazing batch of pancakes for breakfast! For some reason, I will never forget that night. Ahhh the joys of being a little girl and simplicity of childhood fun! 

What is your favorite food/color/book/movie? Food: Potatos (mashed, scallop, hashbrowns, baked, grilled or whatever- just keep the them coming)! Color: Orange (when I was in high school I begged my dad to paint my room orange and after it was all said and done, my dad totally regretted that he ever said yes to the screaming home depot orange room! Shades required :D)!  Book: I'm not a avid book reader but I do love biographies. Growing up I used to love the biography of Helen Keller (yep I'm a werido). Movie: Growing up I used to watch Wish Upon a Star like a hundred times and never get bored from it. My current fav that I saw last week is Now You See Me, so entertaining!

What is your idea of the perfect date? (And you can’t say April 25th) I don't really like the taste of dates, it's a weird fruit to me ;)! Ha, that was especially for you Lauren, bad joke, i know, i know! I think the perfect date would be: spending time with my best friend (hubs obviously) on a bugless 85 degree island, enjoy a long islandy massage, snorkel in clear sharkless water, and finish off the night watching the sunset in a hot air balloon while eating kettle corn (oooo girl, love me some kettle corn!). Perfect. Date. (tag my husband on this question so he knows ;)!)

Something most people don't know about you: 1) I color coordinate my closet. 2) I have Veinphobia (it's gotta be a term)- an irrational fear of people touching my veins...drawing blood is nearly impossible!  3) I hum when I eat. 4) I have a lazy eye (it took my husband a full year to even believe me the when I told him. It doesn't do it all the time). 5) Every time I smile in a picture I unknowingly stick my tongue out a little. AND  6) I wish I was a hip hop/break dancer!

What are you most grateful for? Most grateful?? The most...I could list my husband, my kids, my parents, friends..but the most...definitely the grace of God and His unconditional love. Without Him I wouldn't even have my husband, kids, parents, friends to be grateful for. I am grateful that He chose my amazing parents to guide me in life. I am grateful that He chose my hunky husband to walk with me in life. I am grateful that He blessed me with my two beautiful girls and I am grateful that He gave me the most supportive/loving friends I could ever ask for. My life would be nothing if it wasn't for God and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Favorite bible verse: "Above all else guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life" Proverbs 4:23

What can we pray with you? Please keep my husband in your prayers as he is deployed to Afghanistan. This is his 3rd deployment and his first as an EOD tech and his first one with kids. Pray for me, that I remember that my strength is not my own and that I stay sane while parenting my strong willed child while my husband is gone. And pray that the President/Congress makes the right decision concerning Syria. That decision could possibly affect my husband's deployment mission. 

Dear Krista,
I am more grateful for meeting you than you might ever know. Our time in Niceville was so short, but long enough for us to feel like you guys might be "The One's"! You and your family have been such a joyful blessing for us, and we miss you all the time. We seriously considered Ft Polk in our top three when you left. Seriously. You have a grace and a joy that I pray to have in my marriage and friendships. I want to be you when I grow up. Here's to winding up at the same duty station and/or family vacas together and/or just keeping in touch through all of life's little happenings. We pray for you, Forrest, and your sweet girls every day. And I can't wait to see you up in AK soon!
I Love You,

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