21 September 2013

Starting to Settle In

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9

Sorry I haven't written any updates in a while. There hasn't been too much to report.

Our big event recently was getting our property shipment on Tuesday! We have all our stuff and have been slowly unpacking and putting everything away. We had maintenance come by to take care of a few minor issues and are now all set up. Wednesday, we had to attend a Newcomers to Alaska orientation. It was pretty informative; not much we haven't heard already. Hubs also got another 10 days off of work! They usually give that time to get all personal things squared away at home. We've taken that time to watch Netflix. So, Hubs really hasn't worked since mid-July and we aren't minding it one bit. He goes back next Friday, the 27th.

Last Sunday, Hubs and Dan went on a mini hunting trip. They drove north and were gone the whole day. When they got back, Hubs said it was one of the prettiest places he's ever seen and that they saw huge mountains. The next day they checked a map and realized they accidentally saw Mt McKinley.

Despite not having to drive far for a beautiful view, Anchorage is just a city. It is more flat than I expected and is somewhat poorly planned. Besides the mountain range to the east, it is just the usual buildings and roads. But we are in close proximity to great stores, restaurants, etc. And it is easy to get around. We definitely do not feel isolated or in the middle of nowhere. We are in a decent-sized city with traffic and construction and airports. Starbucks and Subways are everywhere.

One of my favorite things this week was getting our mail keys. We had the sweetest cards from my grandparents, my momma, and my friend, Michelle, from Florida. It totally made my week getting those welcome notes saying we are missed!

Some days are easier than others, and some days we just miss you guys! But we are excited about our new adventure and all the opportunities to try new things here. Many of the speakers at the Newcomer's orientation echoed the same advice: make a bucket list- get out and take advantage of what Alaska has to offer.

We haven't made an official Alaska Adventure List, but we are already looking forward to:
-getting unpacked and settled in.
-getting to cook and eat dinner at home!
-trying out a few close hiking trails.
-getting plugged in to a church here.
-PWOC (a women's bible study on post).
-ski season!
-the beautiful views and wildlife
-Hubs being home for football season
-no scheduled deployments!
-being blocks from Buckner fitness center
-The Ididarod (Dog sledding)

We are praying for good friends and an active church gathering, good moods on cold and rainy days, and resources for safe and fun adventuring!

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