04 September 2015

Five Year Anniversary

Hubs and I are five years into our happily ever after. Year one (2011), he was deployed to Iraq and I was house/dog sitting for his aunt and uncle. Year two (2012), he was at Ft Lee, VA on an unaccompanied TDY for Army's phase 1 of EOD school. I drove up from Fayetteville, and we spent Labor Day weekend in D.C. Year three (2013), we were in the middle of a big road trip up to Alaska and had stopped for a couple of days in Juneau. We had made the unfortunate decision to camp in a soft tent and Jessie and I watched Hubs pack up the campsite in a downpour through the car headlights around 4am. Little did we know, we would find out about a week later that we had a very special and small someone on the way. Year four (2014) was particularly uneventful. We had originally planned for the three of us to spend a night at Alyeska Resort but spending over $300 to lug baby equipment for a night away an hour down the road seemed more like work than romance. But he was home. This year, Hubs spent our anniversary overseas on his second deployment, while I brought our second baby boy home from the hospital. A few days later, I got a precious package in the mail. Hubs had bought me a necklace with both boys' birthstone and initial for our anniversary. (I don't know what the 5 year gift is supposed to be. But I could not care less.) Oh, and I gave Hubs a son.

I feel like five years is a big one. Five moves, five jobs, two deployments, two baby boys, two promotions (almost), two degrees, one chiweenie, and a partridge in a pear tree. Five years married to my sweet man, my favorite, my best friend, my team mate, my baby daddy. Our boys will grow up and leave and it'll just be us again. Here's to being in love when we're old. Here's to choosing "I do" again every day. Here's to saying sorry and to giving grace, to taking the hits and not taking it out on each other, to missing each other apart and to making the most of being together, to giving everything we've got and to never giving up. 

Here's to the rest of our anniversaries being celebrated together in the same place!
(Mil spouses, you can quit laughing now. Let me dream.)

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