20 May 2015

One Year Old!

Our brave, energetic, hilarious, and happy Eli is a whole year old!  

Eli is a walking machine with all kinds of new tricks. He can stand up from sitting, make U-turns, is starting to point at things he wants to show me, and he is learning some sign language. His favorite new thing is clapping! He's starting to think twice when asked to perform, although he loves an audience. He waves bye bye, but when he tries to say it, bye bye sounds a lot like dada. In fact, everything he says sounds a lot like dada. Just days after he turned one, he has a grand total of 12 teeth. Eli's best friend is Jessie, of course. He experienced his first flights, met so many of his big extended family, and didn't quite know what to think about his very first birthday party! I just can't believe that he's been ours for only a year. We can't remember life without you, bud. You are such a light, and we are so thankful to be yours. Happy Birthday, sweet little man!

At Eli's one year old appointment (which wasn't until June 2nd), his height (28 in) and weight (19.6 lbs) were right on track. The dr was super impressed with his walking...especially when we told him he'd been doing it for 6 weeks. We did have to end the visit with lots of shots and a finger prick, but Eli bounced back quickly.

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