28 July 2013


"You make known to me the path of life." Psalms 16:11

Hi! Here's a short story about us.

Hubs and I met in high school in Nashville, TN but didn't date until his senior year in college and my first year working in a salon. Then we broke up. Four years later, we found each other. 

Hubs had joined the U.S. Army, and I was exploring the great city of Los Angeles. We fell in love again and got married.

Our first months of wedded bliss were spent dating and fighting and working out and learning about each other in Fayetteville, NC. Hubs was in the 82nd Airborne Division and served a tour in Iraq with the 2-325th A.I.R. out of Ft Bragg, NC. When Hubs deployed, I moved back to Nashville. I went back to school, and he put in a packet to change jobs within the army while he was gone. We reunited in NC when he came home that December. 

In August 2012, I graduated with my associate's degree, and he left for the army's Phase One of unaccompanied EOD training at Ft Lee, Va. We both moved to Niceville, FL for Phase Two at Eglin AFB in October. We adopted a chiweenie and were blessed with a predictable yet grueling schedule for the next nine months. On July 19, 2013, Hubs graduated from NAVSCOLEOD, and I am overwhelmingly proud.

We have orders to Ft Richardson, Alaska and must report by September 10, 2013. We should be in Alaska for 3 years and are not opposed to finding our way back to Florida if Hubs can snag a job as an instructor at the school he just completed.

God has walked with us to here. He has been faithful when we have not. Our relationships have grown, our marriage matured, and our faith strengthened as we've tried and failed, hoped and lost, fought and forgave. We learn love together by choosing it every day again. 

We know God has paved this path and have prayed for our life to line up with His Will. We believe He has prepared and equipped us for the journey and will work out everything according to His purpose and pleasure. He's got us covered, and He has given us you. We are excited to walk these next steps with you to His glory.



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